Christopher Morrison

Mayor & Town Council
Title: Councilman

Christopher S. Morrison was appointed to Town Council to fill an unexpired term on January 23, 2017; his term ends December 31, 2018. He is best known among friends and loved ones for his love of learning and travel. He is known for not going where the path may lead, but rather going instead where there is no path and leaving a trail.

He has served, both in the Army and Coast Guard as an engineer. During his undergraduate studies, he received an academic scholarship to study abroad in Belize as a researcher in marine biology. Then upon returning earned acceptance into UNC Chapel Hill’s elite government internship program in Washington DC, doing research and interning for the American Bar Association and The Council for Court Excellence. His ambition and thirst for excellence has steadily steered his course on toward new paths of discovery as well as broadened experiences that have enhanced his journey thus far.

Upon honorable discharge Mr. Morrison returned to school and began his first of 3 Masters endeavors. Currently Christopher is earning his final Masters at the University of Maryland in Entrepreneurship/Technology. He has also studied at North Carolina State University (go Wolfpack), Gonzaga University and East Carolina University. Earning a B.S. in Communication/Broadcast Journalism, M.A. in Technical Writing/Professional Communication and additionally studied Software Engineering/Project Management, before moving to Front Royal.

Christopher Morrison, is currently employed by the United States Department of Energy at Headquarters in Washington D.C., where he is the Program Manager of the numerous national award winning Jobs One Portal ( and Project Manager for Virtual Recruitment and Mobile Development. Since his initial employment in 2011, he has co-drafted a marking/implementation plan, managed and facilitated training to field/program officers on the ins and outs of J1P, successfully recruited, created and managed a mobile development team and created, what is now, J1P Mobile, which he most notably executed without any costs to the department or tax payers. He also serves as the Executive Producer of Terrachanics, the first serious game developed for recruitment in federal government.

Mr. Morrison is most proud of his wife Grace (who is the worship leader at Royal Oak Community Church) and three boys; Asher (7), Josiah (3) and Micah (new born). Christopher considers it an honor to be able to serve the Town of Front Royal and takes his new responsibilities both enthusiastically and soberly. He feels the Town is on the brink of a renaissance in many ways and looks forward to watching her continued growth and expansion of beauty. Moreover, Christopher understands that action springs not from thought, but from a readiness for responsibility, and the strength of our community are indicative of wonderful days and years to come.


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