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Request for Police Department Records

  1. Reports can take up to five (5) BUSINESS DAYS fro the date the form is received by the Front Royal Police Department. Reports are NOT available on a walk-in basis. Please make sure the complete mailing address is filled out as all reports will be mailed or emailed.
  2. Please describe the public records you wish to recieve. In order to expediate the search for the records, please be as specific as possible, include all applicable names, dates, addresses or geographic identifiers, type(s) of events involved, an any other information that will be helpful in locating your record(s).
  3. The Town will respond to this request withing five (5) working days.
  4. Due to the possibility of a person's identity being used for illegal purposes, the Front Royal Police Department makes every effort to protect the identity of those who file reports with our agency. Our department follows guidelines as set forth in the Virginia Freedom of Information Act to protect the identities of our citizens. Social Security numbers, dates of birth and other personal information must be redacted (removed) from the report before it can be released.
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