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    The Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) § 2-3700 et seq. of the Code of Virginia, guarantees citizens of the Commonwealth of Virginia, representatives of newspapers and magazines with circulation in the Commonwealth of Virginia, and representatives of radio and television stations broadcasting in or into the Commonwealth of Virginia access to public records. A public record is any writing or recording regardless of whether it is a paper record, an electronic file, an audio or video recording, or any other format that is prepared or owned by or in the possession of the public body.

    Responses to a request will occur within five (5) working days of receiving the request. Day one is considered the day after the request is received.

    Reasonable charges not to exceed actual costs may be incurred in fulfilling a request at the lowest possible cost. The requester has the right to request a cost estimate in advance of supplying the requested records.

    The FOIA Advisory Council is available to answer general FOIA questions at by phone at (804) 698-1810 or (toll free) 1-866-448-4100

    The Front Royal FOIA Officer is the Clerk of Council. Requests can be made via

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