Do I need an application for each job for which I am applying?
Yes, you will need to visit each specified job listed on "Job Openings". These are listed on the Town's online job application site. A summary of the job description and skill requirements can be found by selecting the job that you are interested in pursuing.

The first time you visit the site and apply for a position you will be required to create an account and select a Username and Password. After your account has been established, you can complete an application by selecting the "Apply for this Position" link found at the bottom of the job description.

The Town of Front Royal only accepts applications online to that we can process your application in a timely fashion. An employment application Kiosk is available on the second floor of the Town Hall located at:
102 East Main Street
Front Royal, VA 22630

Find out more about jobs online in our Job Module.

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2. Do I need an application for each job for which I am applying?
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