My utility bill seems high. What can I do?

Electric and water bills are based upon meter readings that measure the amount of electricity and water consumed in the billing period. Meters are read on as close to a 30 day schedule as the calendar (weekends and holidays) and the weather permits. When the bill appears too high, first check that there are not a few extra days in the cycle or if there was a change from normal routines during the billing cycle. If you still feel the bill is too high, please contact the Department of Finance at (540)635-7799. We will then recheck the meter reading, and if necessary, test the meter for proper functioning. If the meter was misread or malfunctioning, the bill will be adjusted accordingly.

We also recommend visiting our Energy Solutions page to learn helpful seasonal tips and tricks to save energy and money, as well as take advantage of the U.S. Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agencies free online energy auditing services.

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1. My utility bill seems high. What can I do?
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