Online Special Event Permit Application

All requests must be submitted to the Events Coordinator or Designee for review. The information requested on the application will be used to determine your eligibility for the special event permit request through the matric approved by Town Council. The event will not be considered for approval until the entire application is complete, including Certificate of Insurance information. Event Applications are due no later than 30 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. Parade applications are due no later than 60 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. If your requested event includes ALCOHOL, applications are due no later than 120 DAYS PRIOR TO THE EVENT. 
If you'd like to print the application and mail it instead, please select the Community Development & Tourism page and print the PDF entitled Special Events Permit Application. Then mail it to Town of Front Royal, c/o Events Manager, P.O. Box 1560, Front Royal, VA 22630.

Special Event Permit Application Form

  1. Is this a Fundraiser?*
  2. Requested Location*
  3. Requested Utilities*

    Fees may apply. All cords and hoses must be secured.

  4. Structure Reservations*

    Check all that apply.

  5. List the areas requested for closure. Include the starting and ending points on the streets. Write N/A if not needed.

  6. Police Dept. Assistance?*

    Will you be requesting assistance from the Front Royal Police Department?

  7. Setup Overnight?*

    Will items be left overnight? 

  8. How many Portable Restrooms will you be using? Where will they be placed?

  9. What's your clean up plan? Volunteers? 

  10. If so, what band/dj?

  11. Having anything that may need inspection such as Bounce Houses, Mechanical Rides, etc?

  12. Parade/Procession Information

    Complete this section ONLY if applicable.

  13. Please provide details.

  14. Anything else unique?

  15. Where is line-up?

  16. Where are floats unloading?

  17. COI must name Town of Front Royal as additional insured.

  18. If applicable.

  19. If prepared for publication, include your event flyer.

  20. Event Fee Breakdown
  21. I acknowledge that by submitting this application, I have begun the process of receiving an event permit. I will not have an approved application until I receive confirmation from the Town of Front Royal that my application has been approved.*
  22. I acknowledge that I must pay all associated fees related to the event permit prior to the event taking place. Failure to do so could result in my approved permit being revoked.*
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