On-the-Job Injuries/Disease

If any employee is injured on the job, they must report the incident immediately.  The first step is to inform their supervisor of the incident. Together the employee and supervisor should contact the Virginia Risk Sharing Association (VRSA) work-related injury line to report the claim within 24 hours of said incident. The contact number is 1-877-234-0898.

If medical attention is needed, the VRSA work-related injury line can provide the employee with a list of approved physicians. Employees must seek treatment through an approved provider to ensure that the medical bills will be approved. 

Injured employees should remain in contact with their supervisor and the Human Resources Department if there is missed time. Employees cannot return to work without a return to work note from the physician. This is to ensure that employees can return to work without concern of re-injuring themselves.

Employees that are out of work due to an approved workers compensation injury will be paid from the insurance carrier. The payment will be for 2/3 the employee’s salary after a 7 calendar day waiting period is met. The additional 1/3 pay can be paid by using the employee’s accrued leave.   Prior to receiving payment, employees will need to sign a form indicating if they would like to use accrued leave while out of work.

Employees will receive notice that they need to pay by check for their insurance while not receiving pay.  If you would like to set up payment options, you can contact the Human Resources Department at 540-635-3929 for additional information.