Planning & Zoning

*Comprehensive Plan Final Draft May 19, 2023


The overall Department's mission is to promote the orderly growth of the community through the development and enforcement of plans and regulations that promote health, safety and general welfare of Town citizens. The Department develops and implements the land use regulations in the subdivision, land development and zoning ordinances. The Department also provides staff support to the Town Council, Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, and the Board of Architectural Review. The Planning Office is responsible for developing and implementing long-range, comprehensive plans for the growth of the community, dealing with issues such as land use, community facilities, transportation, utilities and other related issues, rezoning requests, and subdivision administration, including site and subdivision plan reviews.


The Zoning Office is responsible for zoning enforcement and review of zoning permits, site plans, historic district changes, special permit requests, business license clearances and sign permits. The Zoning Office provides general information on zoning ordinance regulations and Zoning Map district boundary lines, prepares zoning ordinance amendments, investigates complaints of alleged violations of the Zoning Ordinance, and prepares responses to requests for Zoning Ordinance interpretations and zoning compliance certifications. The Zoning Officer also enforces Town Code provisions pertaining to high grass and inoperative vehicles.