Accident Report Procedure

Your accident is reportable to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV); a copy of the report will be available 30 days after the date of your accident. A reportable accident is defined as any crash involving personal injury, death, or property damage in excess of $1,500, occurring on a public roadway.

Reports are available to the driver(s), injured person(s), property owner(s), attorney(s), insurance companies, parent/legal guardian, authorized personal representatives or a person with written permission of an individual directly involved in the accident.

Written Requests

Submit a written request for a crash report to DMV or complete an Information Request Form (CRD93) (PDF).

The written request must include:
  • Accident involvement (e.g., driver, injured person, vehicle owner, etc.), Accident date, Accident Time and Location.
  • Driver name(s)
  • Driver's license Number (must be provided if requester was involved in crash)
Requests can be made by mail, fax, or email to the following address:
  • Customer Records Work Center
    Room 514
    Department of Motor Vehicles
    P.O. Box 27412
    Richmond, VA 23269
  • Fax: (804) 367-0390
  • Email