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The following is a list of benefit programs in which full-time employees may participate. The Town of Front Royal reserves the right to alter or discontinue any benefit program as it deems necessary in its sole discretion. Nothing listed herein is intended to create a contractual relationship between the Town and the prospective or current employee.

Retirement & Savings Plans

Health & Income Security

Paid & Unpaid Time Off

Other Benefits


Virginia Retirement System (VRS)

 All full-time employees are required to participate in the VRS. VRS administers a defined benefit retirement program and a group life insurance program. The defined benefit retirement program is based on the amount of years of service and the average final compensation. Employees are vested after five years of VRS service. Sworn law enforcement personnel may receive full retirement benefits at age 50 with at least 25 years of VRS service, 20 years of which must be in law enforcement. An employee with at least ten years of VRS service may retire with reduced benefits as early as age 50.

 All full-time employees are provided term, group life insurance and accidental death and dismemberment insurance through the VRS. The insurance has no cash value. The amount of the basic life insurance benefit for death due to natural causes is equal to the employee's annual base compensation rounded up (never down) to the next highest $1,000 and then doubled. For accidental death, the life insurance is double the natural death benefit, or four times the annual base salary rounded up to the next highest $1,000. Front Royal pays the entire cost of the basic group life insurance benefit.

 VRS members are also eligible to purchase optional term, group life insurance for natural and accidental death for the member, the member's spouse, and the member's dependent children up to age 21, or age 25 if a full-time student. VRS members may purchase the optional life insurance for one, two, three, or four times the annual salary rounded up. The monthly premium is based on the amount of insurance purchased and the age of the member. The member is responsible for paying the monthly premium for the optional life insurance through payroll deduction.

Tax Deferred Compensation Plan (IRC 457)

 All Front Royal employees are eligible to participate in a tax-deferred compensation program (IRC Section 457). An employee may choose between three plan providers: 1) ICMA-Retirement Corporation, 2) VALIC, and 3) MassMutual. Each plan allows the employee to defer a portion of salary which will not be subject to current federal or state income taxes. The deferred salary amount is invested with the above listed firms under contract with the Town and is not normally available for withdrawal until retirement or termination. The employee may incur a penalty and/or interest expense for early withdrawal.

United States Savings Bonds

United States Savings Bonds are available for purchase through payroll deduction. In order to take advantage of that provision the employee must set up an account through the Treasury Direct at and forward the account number to payroll, funds will be direct deposited into the employee's account.

Group Health Insurance

Currently, Front Royal offers three group health insurance programs to its employees.  The programs are administered by Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Virginia and are obtained through the State Department of Human Resources doing business as "The Local Choice".  Employer and employee contributions are determined by the Town Council and are subject to change.  The employee contribution is deducted on a pre-tax basis unless the employee gives instruction to the contrary.  The employer (ER) and the employee (EE) monthly contributions for fiscal year 2017 are as follows:

Key Advantage Expanded - includes health, prescription drug, eye and dental

Employee only: Employee $35 + Employer $660 = $695

Employee plus 1: Employee $373 + Employer $913 = $1,286

Employee and family: Employee $544 + Employer $1,333 = $1,877

 Key Advantage 250

Employee only: Employee $-- + Employer $632 = $632

Employee plus 1: Employee $339 + Employer $830 = $1,169

Employee and family: Employee $495 + Employer $1,211 = $1,706

High Deductible

Employee only: Employee $-- + Employer $459 = $459

Employee plus 1: Employee $246 + Employer $603 = $849

Employee and family: Employee $359 + Employer $880 = $1,239

(Costs cited above are based on Comprehensive dental coverage; however, the Town also provides an option to choose preventive dental coverage instead of comprehensive.  The cost of each plan is slightly lower if preventive dental is chosen.)

 Dental Services are administered by Delta Dental and include the following benefits, depending on the plan chosen:
Preventative Dental Option (diagnostic and preventive services only)

Comprehensive Dental Option, includes:

Preventive Dental Care

Primary Dental Care

Major Dental Care

Orthodontic Services


Provided by Genworth Financial (sponsored by VRS) has more information about this program and other benefits, and has information for enrolling.  Employees may also telephone 1-866-859-6060 to request a free information kit or have an expert on this program answer questions.  The Town of Front Royal allows 60 days from the date of hire to sign up for this benefit without have to prove insurability.

Short-Term Disability Insurance
Full-time employees may participate in the short-term disability insurance program at their option and cost. Participating employees will receive 60% of their base weekly earnings beginning on the first day of total disability for a non-job related injury or accident, and 60% of their base weekly earnings beginning on the eighth day of total disability for a non-job related illness. Benefit payments are made for up to 26 weeks. Monthly premiums are based on the employee’s base annual salary.

Supplemental Accidental Death & Disability Insurance
Employees may participate in a supplemental accidental death and disability insurance program at their option and cost. Participating employees are offered various products with differing benefits. Monthly premiums are based on the product(s) selected.

Annual Leave
Front Royal has a bi-weekly pay period running Wednesday (first week) through Tuesday (second week).
Payroll checks are distributed on the Friday following the close of the pay period. Direct deposit (EFT) of bi-weekly compensation is required.

Full-time employees accrue annual leave based on continuous years of service with the Town of Front Royal as follows:

  • 0 to 3 years - 3.0 hours per pay period
  • 4 to 10 years - 4.0 hours per pay period
  • 11 to 19 years - 5.0 hours per pay period
  • 20 and above - 6.0 hours per pay period

Employees may carryover a maximum of 160.0 hours of annual leave from one calendar year to the next calendar year. Balances in excess of 160.0 hours are forfeited without compensation at the conclusion of each calendar year. Employees retiring or terminating employment in good standing will generally be compensated for a maximum of 160.0 hours of the unused annual leave balance at the current hourly rate of pay.

Sick Leave
All full-time employees accrue sick leave at the rate of 3.0 hours per bi-weekly pay period. There is no maximum limit of accumulation. Employees retiring or terminating employment in good standing will generally be compensated for 50% of the unused sick leave balance at the current hourly rate, capped at $2,000.

Holiday Leave
Front Royal observes twelve holidays as follows:

  • New Year's Day (January 1st)
  • Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Third Monday in January)
  • President's Day (Third Monday in February)
  • Memorial Day (Last Monday in May)
  • Independence Day (July 4th)
  • Labor Day (First Monday in September)
  • Columbus Day (Second Monday in October)
  • Veterans Day (November 11th)
  • Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November)
  • Day after Thanksgiving (Fourth Friday in November)
  • Christmas Eve Day (December 24th)
  • Christmas Day (December 25th)

Jury Duty Leave
Employees required to serve on federal or state juries do not have their leave balances charged for the first five days of jury duty leave. After five days, employees have the option of using accumulated annual or compensatory leave balances, or authorized leave without pay.

Family & Medical Leave
The federal Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 assists eligible employees in newborn or newly adopted children and provides for absences to care for themselves, a child, a parent or a spouse faced with serious health conditions. Eligible employees are entitled to up to twelve weeks of unpaid leave during a revolving twelve month period for certain purposes, as listed in the Town of Front Royal Employee Handbook.

Workers' Compensation
Employees who are injured or contract an illness in a job-related incident are covered by state-mandated workers’ compensation insurance.

Tuition Assistance
Employees may, with the prior approval of their Department Director and Town Manager, enroll in college-level courses. The courses must be job-related and the employee must earn a “C” or better for reimbursement. Reimbursement is made at the prevailing undergraduate and graduate rates charged by George Mason University in Fairfax, VA.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP)
EAP is bundled with group health insurance programs.

Mental Health and Substance Abuse Counseling
Mental health and substance abuse counseling is bundled with group health insurance programs.


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