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When will I get my check?

The Finance Department processes checks on a weekly basis. The normal schedule provides for the checks to be processed and printed on Thursday and distributed on Friday. However, payments are not scheduled for processing until all authorizations are received from the individual departments.

My utility bill is outrageously high. What do I do?

Electric and water bills are based upon meter readings that measure the amount of electricity and water consumed in the billing period. Meters are read on as close to a 30 day schedule as the Calendar (weekends and holidays) and the weather permits. When the bill appears too high, first check that there are not a few extra days in the cycle. If you still feel the bill is too high, please contact us. We will then recheck the meter reading, and if necessary, test the meter for proper functioning. If the meter was misread or malfunctioning, the bill will be adjusted accordingly.

I had a plumbing leak and now my bill is horrendous. What can I do?

In the event of a leak, the Town's policy does provide for an adjustment to the bill, but only after the leak is repaired. After repairing the leak, contact us with evidence of the repair. The policy provides that the sewer portion of the bill will be adjusted based upon the average water usage for the account. In addition, the excess water portion of the bill attributed to the leak will be adjusted to the Town's average cost of production so that no profit is gained from the customer's misfortune.

I'm interested in how my tax dollars are spent. How do I find out?

The Town produces both an Annual Budget document and its Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. Both documents have qualified for national recognition by the Government Finance Officers Association and are available for review at the Town Finance Department and Samuels Public Library.

How do I make a suggestion or complaint?

The Finance Department welcomes the opportunity to improve the Town's services and relations with our citizens. The Finance Department is open to the public or can be contacted at (540)635-7799.

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