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Future Front Royal
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Avtex/Royal Phoenix Redevelopment


The Avtex/Royal Phoenix site is a former Superfund site that was reclamated and released for redevelopment in 2015.  The EDA has sold 30 acres of the site to IT Federal for development of a mix of technology business space, commercial offices, and retail. Development opportunities remain at the site; please contact the EDA at (540) 635-2182 or visit for more information.



Police Headquarters


The Town of Front Royal is currently designing the facility for our new Police Headquarters.  The site located at Monroe Avenue and Kendrick Lane will be part of the rejuvenation of the Avtex/Royal Phoenix Site.  The building when constructed is anticipated to the meet the space needs of our Police Department for the next 25 years.



Leach Run Parkway


The Town, EDA, and County of Warren have partnered on construction of the Leach Run Parkway, a 1.3 mile limited access roadway to connect John Marshall Highway and Happy Creek Road on the eastern side of Town to improve access in our community.  The project is also funded through the VDOT Revenue Sharing Program.  The construction project has been awarded to Branch Highways and is to be completed by the end of 2016.



Main Street Extension


The Town, EDA and County of Warren have partnered on the design and construction of the extension of Main Street through the Avtex(Royal Phoenix) site.  The 0.75 mile road extension will connect the development of the Avtex site to Downtown Front Royal.  In addition, the extension of Main Street will improve local traffic access on the west side of Town.  The project will also include a traffic analysis to identify opportunities to minimize traffic impact to the adjacent neighborhoods.



Happy Creek Technology Park


Located off of Shenandoah Shores Road, the Happy Creek Technology Park is a designated Technology Zone in the Town offering several subdivided lots and a 148 parcel for development to compliment the existing industry and offices.  Please contact the EDA at (540) 635-2182 or visit for more information.



Happy Creek Road - Phase II


The Town is working to initiate the design of improvements to the section of Happy Creek Road between then of the Phase I improvements and the Leach Run Parkway.  The project will include softening of the “S” curve to meet current road standards, as well as installation of pedestrian and bicycle facilities.



AMP Solar Project


The Town is working with American Municipal Power, Inc. to construct a 2.5 MW solar field in Town that will generate power for use in Town.  A part of the Town’s portfolio of generation sources, the solar field will join the Town’s varied generation sources that include hydroelectric and wind generation, as well as coal and natural gas generation facilities.



Waste Water Treatment Plant


The Town is currently upgrading the treatment process at our Wastewater Treatment Plant and to increase the daily treatment capacity.  The $45,000,000 project to improve the plants treatment technology to meet current Chesapeake Bay nutrient removal requirements was partially funded through an approximate $12,000,000 grant from the Department of Environmental Quality with the remaining amount funded through a zero interest loan through the Virginia Resource Authority.  When completed in late 2017, the Wastewater Treatment Plant will be able to treat 5.3 million gallons of sewage each day and remove nitrogen and phosphorus to improve the water quality in the Chesapeake Bay.



Water Treatment Plant


The Town has recently completed significant improvements to the Water Treatment Plant and the storage tanks to improve water quality and treatment capacity. Improvements include the installation of ultraviolet treatment to enhance the water quality and aeration at the storage tanks to improve water quality within the distribution system. The Town’s expansion of the plant capacity will allow the plant to treat 6 million gallons of water per day. The Plant staff perform hundreds of tests each day on both water at the plant and throughout the distribution system to ensure the safety and quality of water delivered to your home or business.



Electric System


The Town provides electric service to our residents and businesses in the Town limits. The Town is a member of American Municipal Power and is partial owner of a number of generation facilities. The Town also purchases power from long term contracts from other generation sources. The Town’s portfolio of power generation includes hydroelectric, wind, and natural gas generation. The Town’s management of our generation sources has resulted in the Town being recognized as providing the lowest cost municipal electric rates in the Commonwealth of Virginia for the past three years.



Pavement Management Program


The Town of Front Royal maintains our streets through a program that conducts an annual inspection of condition of our roads and prioritize major paving projects based upon condition and traffic volume. VDOT also provides direction of projects that must be conducted. The Town contracts most major projects to paving contractors and utilizes our crews for smaller projects and repairs.



Available Town Properties


The Town is currently marketing two Town-owner properties for redevelopment. The former Police Station located at 24 West Main Street is a 0.40 acre commercial zoned property at the corner of Main Street and Luray Avenue in Downtown Front Royal. The two story building is approximately 8,000 square feet of area that was originally built as the Town’s Post Office. The former Electric Building located at 520 East 6th Street is a 0.40 acre commercial zoned property at the corner of East 6th Street and Bel Air Avenue. The single story building is approximately 4,500 square feet with office space, storage areas, and a loading dock. If you are interested in these properties or other properties available in the Town, please contact the Economic Development Authority at (540) 635-2182 or



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