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About PDF Forms
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Our PDF forms are digital copies of Town forms for various Town departments. They may either be filled out online and then printed, or printed out and then completed by hand.

These differ from our other online forms in that you must print out (and often sign) these forms and turn in a physical copy. This may be because payment is required upon submission of a particular form, or because the form must be signed, dated, and/or notarized. This is why we have not made these particular forms available to be submitted online, even though you can still fill them out online and then print a copy.

In order to view, fill out, or print these forms, you must have a PDF viewer installed on your computer. One such PDF viewer that is available for no charge is Adobe Acrobat Reader. Click here to get Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Last Updated ( Thursday, 03 March 2011 02:34 )