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Monday, April 13

The Town Council will hold a Public Hearing on Monday, April 13 @ 7:00pm in the Warren County Government Center Board Meeting Room, 220 N Commerce Avenue, Front Royal, at which time and location interested persons may appear and express their views on the following:

1st Reading, ORD12-06-211, referred to generally as "Zoning Ordinance Updates", which is a DRAFT revision to Chapter 175 of the Town Code, pertaining to the regulation of land uses within the Town limits, as authorized generally by Virginia Code Section 15.2-2280. The proposed text changes to Chapter 175 do not include any changes to the Town Zoning Map. The updated language was initiated in order to accommodate proposed changes to Chapter 148 (Subdivision & Land Development Ordinance) and Chapter 156 (Urban Forestry), including the relocation of the parking, site plan and landscaping regulations. Furthermore, the list of permitted used, and the list of users permitted with a special use permit, for each district, are recognized in the draft. In addition, regulations that determine the front yard on corner lots are also being revised. Some other minor changes include, but are not limited to, a new definition for the terms Family and Accessory Dwelling.

Further Information may be obtained by contacting Planning/Zoning Department at (540)635-4236 and/or by clicking below.

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