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Norfolk & Southern Corporation has notified the Town that they will temporarily open the rail crossing at Shenandoah Shores Road while they work on the crossing at Mary's Shady Lane. They estimate that the crossing will close at 3:00pm to install surface asphalt. There is no information as to how long the closure will last. If it goes beyond two (2) hours, they will schedule a temporary opening sometime after 5:00pm.

Law enforcement and Fire & Rescue personnel will be stationed on the north side of this intersection throughout the day to provide public safety services as needed.

Please share this information with your neighbors and plan your travel accordingly.

The Town of Front Royal has attempted to provide updates to citizens and businesses with accurate and timely information regarding the work performed by Norfolk & Southern Corporation on the rail crossing on Shenandoah Shores Road. As the work was conducted solely by the railroad, the Town nor the County had no oversight of scheduling or completion of the work.

The work conducted by Norfolk & Southern Corporation encountered significant issues this morning that resulted in a significant delay in the openings that they had scheduled. The railroad attempted to provide the Town with updates as they were available.

Additional updates will be provided through these Public Notices, the Town's website and the Town's Facebook Page.

The Town wishes to thank our Police Officers, as well as the Warren County Sheriff's Deputies and the Fire & Rescue professionals, who assisted in providing for public safety during the work effort.

Please contact the Town at (540)635-8007 if you have any questions about this issue.

Last Updated ( Wednesday, 29 July 2015 20:14 )