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Mulch, High Grass, Pools, Chickens, etc....

FREE MULCH - Mulch is available FREE of charge from the Town. You will need to load yourself and cover before leaving. More Information: DES (540)635-7819

HIGH GRASS/WEEDS - Property owners are required to keep their lawns mowed between May 1 and September 1 of each year. More Information: Planning/Zoning (540)635-4236

POOLS - Contact the Finance Department before filling your pool. There is a $15.00 charge. New pools require a zoning and building permit. In addition, permits are also required for most other types of structures. More Information: Planning/Zoning (540)635-4236.

BACKYARD CHICKENS - All lots in Town that are less than one acre are required to obtain a zoning permit before keeping backyard chickens. Rules also apply for beekeeping and other types of agricultural animals. More Information: Planning/Zoning (540)635-4236

YARD SALES - A permit is required to have a yard sale in the Town. The licensing fee is FREE for the first two yard sales, but $5.00 per sale thereafter, limited to a six a year. Renters must have property owner's written consent. Yard sale signs are not allowed within the public right-of-way or tacked to poles. More Information: Finance Department (540)635-7799

NEW BUSINESS STARTUP - A zoning permit and business license is required for ALL new business startups. This requirement for a permit also applies to home-based businesses, food trucks and other mobile businesses operating in the Town limits. More Information: Planning/Zoning (540)635-4236

PRUNING - If you notice that a tree needs to be pruned within the Towns right-of-way please call the Department of Energy Services (540)635-3027. DO NOT prune yourself. Topping of trees in the Town is discouraged.

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