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Tuesday, October 13

The Town Council will hold the following public hearings on TUESDAY, October 13, 2015 @ 7:00pm in the Warren County Government Center Board Room.

1) Amendment to the FY2015-2016 Budget to increase the budget amount by $13,180,807.95 toward construction of Leach Run Parkway, $868,225.00 for construction of a 12" water main, and $12,312,582.95 for the construction of the road, for a total budget of $44,766,938.95.

2) An ordinance to amend Chapter 170 "Weeds and Debris" of the Front Royal Town Code. If approved, the proposed modifications will improve the Town's ability to effectively enforce regulations governing high grass and trash removal in a timely manner.

Copies of the above Budget Amendment can be found in the Director of Finance Office. Copies of the Amendments to Chapter 170 may be found in the Director of Planning/Zoning Office. Both offices located in the Front Royal Administration Building, 102 E Main Street. All interested citizens are invited to attend these hearings to express their views.

Mayor/Town Council

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